A downloadable NES game

Alabastard McDanielson (the "d" is silent) takes on the dreaded beasts of Planet Beezlbub! Lions! Tigers! Bears! and giant Chinese stars, oh my!!! Can you get Alabastard to the escape pod in time before this planet of evil and despair self-destructs???? Click that download button my friend and find out!! GL!

A Button: Jump

B Button: Shoot

Start button: Start/Pause

Select Button: Reset to start screen

Speedrunning: https://www.speedrun.com/assault_on_planet_beezlbub

Install instructions

This NES ROM requires UNROM 512 / Mapper#30 supported hardware or emulators. Please use Mesen, FCEUX, or original NES hardware via flash cart for the best experience.


Assault!! On Planet Beezlebub.nes 512 kB


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I downloaded this and would like to play it for the first time while i stream on youtube, would you mind?

Not at all! Good luck!